Martushev Group respects the history, uniqueness, and diversity of Indigenous peoples. We have adopted an Indigenous Relations Policy to reflect the legal, social, and economic realities of Indigenous peoples.


Positive relations with Indigenous peoples based on mutual respect and trust are required for Martushev Group to achieve its strategic business objectives and help Indigenous peoples realize their aspirations. All Martushev Group employees have a responsibility to help build and maintain relationships with the Indigenous communities in which they operate. Accordingly, Martushev Group will:

Respect the legal and constitutional rights of Indigenous peoples

Conduct business in a manner that respects and honors traditional Indigenous values and individual differences

Respect indigenous peoples’ traditional ways, the land, and the environment

Proactively promote opportunities for Indigenous peoples which establish sustainable self-sufficiency through employment and business development opportunities

Develop ongoing strategic alliances to enhance the opportunities for both Martushev Group and Indigenous peoples

Invite Indigenous businesses and contractors to participate in Martushev Group initiatives

Be honest, fair, and trustworthy

Follow through on its commitments

*Indigenous includes First Nations, Metis, Inuit, and non-status


Martushev Group is an equal opportunity employer and as such affirms in policy and practice to recruit, hire and promote for all jobs, qualified individuals who will contribute to Martushev Group’s success without regard to race, creed, color, national origin or ancestry, sex, age, disability or medical condition, veteran status, sexual preference or any other unlawful consideration.

Martushev Group selects the best-qualified people who apply for employment. At the same time Martushev Group recognizes that special efforts may be required to ensure that all perspective employees obtain fair and appropriate opportunities to overcome barriers and disadvantages to employment and advancement. When performing work on Traditional Lands, where all other competitive and safety factors are equal, preference will be given to contractors and suppliers who maximize the use of local businesses and employment of local people.


Martushev Group recognizes the desire of Indigenous people to achieve sustainable economic development, preserve their social, cultural, and spiritual identities, and maintain jurisdiction over their traditional territories. Therefor, Martushev Group recognise the need for meaningful dialogue and consultation to achieve sustainable partnerships.